Interior Architect
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Job Summary
No. of Vacancy
Job Type
Full Time
Offered Salary
Career Level
Mid Level
2-3 yrs. of relevant experience
Preferred Education
Bachelor Degree
Dallu, Kathmandu
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Job Description
  • Space Planning: Analyzing and optimizing interior spaces to ensure efficient use of space, traffic flow, and functionality while considering client needs and building codes.
  • Conceptualization and Design Development: Developing design concepts, creating mood boards, sketches, and 3D models to visually communicate ideas, and refining designs based on client feedback.
  • Technical Drawings and Documentation: Creating detailed technical drawings, blueprints, and specifications to convey design intent to contractors, including plans for construction, electrical layouts, and material specifications.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Working closely with clients to ensure design feasibility, compliance with regulations, and smooth project execution.
  • Project Management: Overseeing projects from inception to completion, managing budgets, schedules, and resources effectively, and coordinating with various stakeholders to ensure timely delivery.
  • Client Interaction and Satisfaction: Engaging with clients to understand their vision, presenting design proposals, addressing concerns, and ensuring client satisfaction by delivering high-quality designs.
  • Problem-Solving and Adaptability: Addressing challenges that arise during the design and construction phases, proposing creative solutions, and adapting to changes in project requirements.
  • Continual Learning and Development: Staying updated with the latest design trends, technologies, and industry developments to innovate and deliver cutting-edge designs.
Job Specification
  • Visiting sites and taking measurements
  • Drafting site drawings and working on premade CAD drawings
  • Creating initial design sketching, color themes and ideas based on client requirements and space availability
  • Visiting construction sites to ensure designs are implemented correctly and addressing any issues that arise.
  • Drafting CAD and SketchUp drawings based on requirements.
  • Drafting reports based on approvals from superiors and clients
  • Engaging with clients to understand their vision, presenting design proposals, addressing concerns, and ensuring client satisfaction by delivering high-quality designs.
  • Coordinating with other team members to ensureĀ 
Nepal Max Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Nepal Max Technologies is an established trading company based in Kathmandu, offering a wide range of Sound, Lighting and Audio-Visual equipment. We also provide a range of services including delivery, setup, sound engineers, lighting engineers & installation engineers, to help people get the most out of our services.

The company was established to cope up with the increasing competition as Nepal started getting influenced by foreign products. We currently have sole distributorship of 11 different companies from around the world and are in the continuous process of gaining more dealerships from renowned companies dealing with musical instruments, light and sound. Based in Kathmandu, we have slowly started spreading its customer base all over the country.

Company Objective:

To make available the best product of category at the best price to the end users & to ensure good service against spares.

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