Jobs Sniper, established in the year 2020 AD with an aim to be a platform that provides one stop solution for your needs to get the right recruitment solutions and management consultation services. We believe people are the ultimate jewels for any company so, we understand our client’s different needs to get services with much convenience and ease. For that, our team of professionals from various background, work collaboratively to provide innovative and customized services for our clients

As we value long-term relationship with our clients, all our services are designed to provide cost effective, efficient and on time solutions through our technology induced streamlined process system. With an array of services at our hand, we are in regular process to continuously improvise so that both our job employers and job seekers can get right fit for themselves. The flexibility in our system also ensures the value to explore and shape ourselves further in the future, being watchful to the changes in the market and demand of our clients.



Why we do?

Not just about finding the right job also for the right company


How we do it?

See your saved searches and saved jobs on all your devices


What we do?

Creating a community where every individuals are valued


Rajnarayan Sah
Ujjwal Koirala
Ujjwal Poudel