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How to Answer "What Was the Last Book You Read?" in an Interview


How to Answer "What Was the Last Book You Read?" in an Interview


Interviews can be interesting & sometimes the interviewer hits you with interesting questions that you haven’t been expecting. Job interviews often include the question, "What was the last book you read?" While it may seem like a simple question,how you answer can be important. 

So, let's prepare to answer this common question, even if your reading habits are missing.

1. Make a List of Your Favorite Books, Articles, and Essays

By preparing a list of books, articles, and essays you are communicating to the recruiter that you are organized and well prepared. This also makes it easy for you to recall the most interesting topic you can touch at the time of interview. Note down a list of books that covers all aspects of the theme like leadership, time management, self improvement etc.

2. Analyze What You Liked and Your Big Takeaways

Every book you enjoy has something special about it. Maybe it's a great story, useful life lessons, or interesting ideas. Take some time to think about what made you like each of your favorite things to read. Was it an exciting story, or did you learn something about dealing with people that helps you at work? These thoughts will help you answer more honestly and convincingly.

3. Relate Your Favorites to Relevant Skills or Lessons

A book is knowledge of the river, lessons that may be relevant to us are following through it. Always try to communicate those key learnings you have utilized in a real scenario if possible. By mentioning your learning and application in practical life shows that you are a productive person and you can use what resources you have available to do your job better.

4. Tell a Story About Your Favorite Reads

Story is a powerful way to communicate. Tell a tale about the book rather than just naming it. Share how a book has affected your life and career. You should have a story that is meaningful  and makes your answer more interesting and memorable. This shows you have good communication & presentation skills.


In job interviews, even simple questions like "What was the last book you read?" can be important. Our reading choices can become a powerful way to show your adaptability, knowledge, and ability to use what you learn in real life. So, the next time you get this question, be ready to share your reading journey and show employers how it can benefit them.
By Tapesh Kushmi Tharu

Recruitment Officer, Jobs Sniper Pvt. Ltd. 

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