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How to Answer "What's Your Greatest Personal Achievement?" in an Interview


How to Answer "What's Your Greatest Personal Achievement?" in an Interview

One of the major and frequently asked questions in an interview is “What's Your Greatest Personal Achievement?”. This is quite an impactful query that gives the interviewer an overall glimpse of the interviewee’s successful projects and personal values. It is vital for recruiters to ask this to a candidate because they can discover more regarding their work ethic, principles, personality traits, and skills by answering this question.

Here are some pointers to assist you as a qualified candidate in responding to this query:

  1. 1. Be honest about your work: Mention the significant changes you made or targets you accomplished at your previous organization, however, keep in mind that you do not sound condescending towards your previous coworkers. This builds a perspective of a goal-oriented as well as humble employee.
  2. 2. Be specific about what you did that contributed to your achievement: Begin by outlining the conditions leading to your triumph. What challenge did the company, group, or client have? Then, explain how you fit into the circumstance. What responsibilities did you have? What part did you serve in the solution to the issue? This helps the interviewers in actually picturing the events as you articulate them in the form of story-telling.
  3. 3. Eventually, Be relevant: Ensure that those accomplishments you are talking about during this critical phase of hiring are work-related or the fact they have a direct connection to the position into which you happen to be applying. Thus prior preparation for the interview by going through the job description and jotting down what you can enhance by being in that position is essential.

Therefore, you can stand out in the interview phase of the recruiting process by highlighting your personal achievements from all of your previous experiences. More precisely, by being honest about what target objectives you were able to meet from your performance that was beneficial for the organization. As well as, being specific about the situation of the company and what tasks did you accomplish successfully while being mindful that this information is relevant to the job that you are applying for. 
By Jeena Timalsina

Recruitment Trainee at Jobs Sniper Pvt. Ltd.

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