LinkedIn, what is it for and how does this work on professional networking and career development?


I’m sure you’ve heard about it, but you still don’t know what LinkedIn is or exactly how it works. Keeping in mind, Jobs Sniper has created a workshop platform on the topic of LinkedIn for Opportunity. Today, in the era of social networks, there are still those who are not familiar with this platform which has already been one of the main tools to do Networking through the Internet. The hardcopy resumes are now slowly being phased out due to access to the internet.

LinkedIn and its background 

It was 2003, when Reid Garrett Hoffman, officially founded a business-oriented social network used primarily for professional networking. In the starting days, the platform was signed up by only 20 users (Byers, 2013). This platform was bought by Microsoft in June 2016 for 26.2 billion dollars (23.26 billion euros) (Kumar, 2019). LinkedIn now has almost 740 million members with over 55 million registered companies. It is quite a successful platform to grave its objective to put people in contact who are looking for work synergies and new professional or business opportunities.

Some of the major utilities of having a LinkedIn profile;

1. Being in a business, we need to have a network of professional contacts where the platform easily helps us to reach out and promote your Personal Brand in your work sector.

2. Recruiters and HR staff are uploading the job offers of their companies where it helps you to know which companies need qualified personnel with profiles like yours.

3. In the same way, the accounts of multiple companies help you to reach the needs of suppliers and get commercial relations.

4. Similarly, in the same approach, you can share company information to your customers who might need the services you offer.

You can easily share content on this platform; people interested in these topics will be able to access your Web.


LinkedIn for opportunity by Jobs Sniper 

In this present time, the usage of LinkedIn by recruiters and employment seekers is on the rise in Nepal. This can be justified by our internal recruitment where within a year of the Covid-19 pandemic we have successfully hired 100 plus numbers of candidates to different corporate sectors and around 50% were connected through LinkedIn. According to Koch et al. (2018), the study indicates that LinkedIn has a major impact on recruitment in South Africa, but that social media is not a panacea for recruitment issues. In the same way, the study also suggested that the share of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) job applications through LinkedIn have risen 25% since March 2020. The platform is committed to helping connect talent to opportunity and looks forward to sharing more news in the future.


Some of the advantages of using this session i.e. LinkedIn for opportunity by Jobs Sniper;

1. It allows you to create an image of your personal profile (or business) that will help in reaching wider networks than the offline medium.

2. The companies will be announcing their vacant positions where we will be sharing the tips to get reach out easily.

3. We should always be updated on the latest trends and news where the tips help you on publishing content of interest and can also benefit from what others share.

4. The more you design a professional LinkedIn profile better it generates a greater number of visits to your profile.



Through my brief, I have almost figured out all of the importance of using LinkedIn, a professional social network platform on network building and career development. The workshop designed is in the motive to guide beginners who don’t know what LinkedIn is or exactly how it works. This LinkedIn has worked for decades as one of the main tools to do Networking through the Internet. Jobs Sniper’s workshop from the facilitator Er. Ujjwal Koirala and Mr. Ujjwal Poudel help to guide what LinkedIn is and how it works to promote and publicize your personal profile (or online business) activity.

Jobs Sniper Internal Team

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