Are you a Fresher Accountant? 5 Steps To Ace the Profession


Are you a Fresher Accountant? 
5 Steps To Ace the Profession

Finance is the backbone of an organization which holds attractive career opportunities. Accountants are the one who are the responsible for conducting accurate records of income and expenditure of a company. The major role and responsibility of accountant is to maintain ledger, reconciliation, analysis financial records and audits. As a fresher if you are interested to head your career in finance then we have listed five major steps to below:

1. Select Correct Accounting Course (Tally ERP/Swastik/ Finpro etc.):

Being fresher who want to pursue career as an Accountant should enroll in accounting course. That covers the basis of accounting principle, financial statement and basic bookkeeping.  They are the various courses available in market such as Tally ERP, Swastik, Finpro, Navigator etc. which will help to develop necessary skill and knowledge in related field. In current trend of the market, most of the companies are looking for those candidates who have done certificate courses for the flexible working environment.

2. Understand manual Accounting plus Computer bases accounting:

In present context of Nepal, there are different natures of the company that maintain the financial record in both manual accounting system and computer bases accounting system. Manual accounting refers to the traditional method of accounting where ledger, journal, etc. are recorded in physical books whereas computer bases accounting involve accounting software to maintain the records. As a fresher, one should have a prior knowledge about the technique to perform accounting task using both method. 

3. Knowledge about Government’s taxation and business laws:

Government’s taxation and business laws are a crucial part of accounting system.  Accountant must be aware of basic tax obligations regarding income tax, sales tax, property tax, and payroll taxes and others which will help to understand legal complication. As a fresher having knowledge about the taxation will add value insight for the better career.

4. Growing Demand for Accountants in the market:

The demand of accountant in market seems to be in increasing ratio due to economic growth and establishment of new business venture. As the world becomes more complex, the role of accountants has also expanded that means there are more job opportunities available for those with the necessary skills and qualifications. 

5. Enables the ability to make an analysis of the transactions:

Finance is all about make record of financial statement and analyzing the financial transaction. The individual who looks forward to established career in accounting field must hold the ability to evaluate and understands the analytics of overall transaction. The companies always seek for the versatile candidates so as fresher one should be able to analysis the transaction and provide insight into various aspect of financial activity.
By Prashamsha Thapa Magar

Admin and Account Lead at Jobs Sniper Pvt. Ltd.

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