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5 Ways To Build Good Working Relationships In Your New Job


5 Ways To Build Good Working Relationships In Your New Job

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Establishing good relationships, in general, is significant as building positive relationships makes us happier, improves our feelings of security, gives our lives meaning, and also impacts our mental and physical health. In addition, building positive working relationships is essential to success. Better working relationships lead to better teamwork, making you happier, more engaged, and more productive. A few ways to maintain good working relationships in your new job are mentioned below. 

  1. 1. Be Proactive: It means taking the initiative and motivation to solve problems, improve processes, and create the opportunity without first being asked or directed to do so. So as a newbie at your office, you can actively be involved in anticipating challenges and proactively finding solutions, taking ownership of your work, and continuously seeking ways to improve and add value to the organization. Offer your knowledge and experience to group tasks and find a way to assist your colleagues with the work they are doing when you are confident you can help them.
  2. 2. Make Time and Efforts for Everybody at the Company: There is a desire to invest all of your time and effort in impressing more senior stakeholders and to simply ignore junior colleagues and tasks that you personally consider to be of low importance. Establishing yourself as a dependable, helpful, and compassionate team member among your junior colleagues, as well as your bosses and peers, will go a long way toward establishing long-term professional relationships. As a new team member, you must keep in mind that reputation is built at all levels, not just among your boss and the management team.
  • 4. Always Be Positive: Maintaining a positive attitude toward your new colleagues is an important part of developing healthy relationships. Finding meaning and purpose in your work will help you stay motivated on a hectic day at the workplace. Focusing on solutions rather than getting demotivated by problems is another way to maintain a positive attitude. These habits will help your relationships with colleagues and superiors be enhanced.
  • 5. Effective Communication: It is important for building and maintaining positive relationships, completing tasks efficiently, and achieving overall success. It is significant to determine whether to use email, a face-to-face conversation, or another form of communication, considering the message's purpose, audience, and context. Additionally, try to understand others' points of view and keep their feelings in mind when communicating.

Hence, you can present yourself as a valuable member of the team and contribute to the organization's success by demonstrating your knowledge, commitment, and engagement at the workplace and establishing a decent working relationship. 
By Jeena Timalsina

Recruitment Trainee at Jobs Sniper Pvt. Ltd.

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