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5 Simple Ways To Start Getting Social With Your Career


5 Simple Ways To Start Getting Social With Your Career

In today's age of information & technology it's been easier than ever to have a personal or professional presence in society and worldwide. Opportunities are open for all around the corner of the world. Being a social person boosts the career and networking with different industries, job openings & peoples. 

  1. 1. Focus on the Big Three to start (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter): Among the group of social media there are three platforms that are most used among the peoples. These are the platforms used by business professionals, world leaders, influencers, and public people. A person can have free access to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter that covers most of the features that are useful for daily purposes. But for additional features like Boosting Posts, Promoting Ads in Facebook, likewise LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn Learning in LinkedIn, & Twitter Ads, Blue Tick for Twitter a consumer has to pay.
  2. 2. Follow the right people/companies and join LinkedIn Groups: With the advancement of the tech; information & news of all kinds are flowing all around us. We have to be careful while choosing acquaintances, companies and groups because of the reliability of the source. With the right people we can aspire to achieve great things, following the right company makes a great impact for entrepreneurs to do the right thing and joining the right groups makes us share common goals and beliefs.
  3. 3. Showcase your Talent and Skills: Having a talent & skill is great to have but showcasing those talent & skill in a way that matches a person's career is even a greater talent. You can share your talents & skills based on picture and video formats like certificates, videos & pictures of attaining workshops & training, making & sharing tutorial videos, writing posts, awards & photographs of events, etc. 
  4. 4. Start a blog: Writing a blog can be a very fruitful way to connect with readers; even this shows a person's writing skills. A professional can write blogs on the specific field which they are familiar and experienced with. Writing a blog relating to a person's hobby is a great cherry on top that reflects their interests and views; that way it can be easier for other professionals and companies to connect with the person.
  5. 5. Be consistent: Consistency is the key for creating personal branding in social media; any knowledge, skills, tools & technology that exist today always get improved and become better in future. It is better to be updated on various aspects of skills, knowledge, technology to be updated and have a better impression on having a social presence and boost career.

To leverage social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, we can enhance visibility and networking. Follow reputable individuals and companies, join relevant LinkedIn groups, and showcase your talents and skills through visual content and blogging.

By Tapesh Kushmi Tharu

Recruitment Executive, Jobs Sniper Pvt. Ltd. 

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