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5 Simple Ways to build a Positive Company Culture


5 Simple ways to build a positive company culture

Having a positive company culture is crucial for a business because it helps employees feel valued and engaged, which can lead to better performance and financial results. In Nepal, companies tend to prioritize results over employee satisfaction, which can negatively impact company culture. They are more focus mainly on the importance of their product and services and they tend to forget about looking after their employees. After all, it is the behavior of your employees towards the company that creates a company culture. Creating a positive company culture is unique to each business, but there are few ways to start.

1. Asking your employees

Encouraging open communication among employees is important for a positive company culture. This can be achieved by regularly asking employees about their projects and ideas. When employees feel heard, it can improve their engagement with the organization. To improve company culture, it's important to first ask employees for their feedback and suggestions, and then incorporate their ideas into any changes made.

2. Emphasis on employee wellness

Showing appreciation to employees is important as they spend a significant amount of time at work. When you show concern for them, it demonstrates that they value their well-being, not just profits. Employee wellness is crucial for creating a positive company culture, as healthy employees are more likely to contribute positively.

3. Get out of the office.

Encouraging employees to take breaks during the workday is important for a positive company culture. Activities like group lunches, walks, or coffee runs can help employees step away from their desks and increase productivity. Feeling stuck at their desks can lead to resentment and negatively impact the work environment.

4. Celebrate your employees’ life events.

Recognizing important events in employees' personal lives is essential for a positive company culture. Make note of employee’s birthdays at their start date and choose one day a month to celebrate everyone who has birthdays within that month. Hosting informal celebrations for special events, such as graduations, top performances, and game wins, can show support and care for employees beyond their work. When employees feel understood as a whole person, not just as a member of the workforce, it can improve their overall job satisfaction and engagement.

5. Make them feel at home.

Creating a comfortable work environment is important for a positive company culture. Small actions like wearing casuals, put a plant in a meeting hall, coffee & honey in their work space, can help employees feel more at ease. A comfortable work environment encourages open communication, collaboration, and handling constructive criticism. An impersonal work environment can negatively impact company culture, so finding ways to make the office feel like home can make a difference.


In conclusion, creating a positive company culture is crucial for any organization to succeed and thrive, as it not only fosters employee satisfaction and engagement, but also contributes to the overall success and growth of the company.

By Ujjwal Poudel

Co-founder, Jobs Sniper Pvt. Ltd. 

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