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3 Simple Ways to Inspire Your Team Every Week


3 Simple Ways to Inspire Your Team Every Week

To inspire your team is to motivate them to do their job well, enjoy what they’re doing, and feel excited about the direction of your company and their role within it. Especially during challenging times, as a leader we should keep our team inspired.

1. Challenge them more often

Whether you believe it or not, your staff seeks challenges. Engaging in repetitive tasks on a daily basis can become monotonous. Engage in open communication with your team to gauge their sense of challenge. Start an initiative, and allow each team member time each week to work on a “passion” project related to the business. This may be work that inspires them beyond their routine tasks. This can lead to new learnings, product ideas, or even revenue streams. 

For instance, you could task each team member with developing a unique marketing campaign concept targeting a specific demographic or utilizing emerging technology. This initiative not only encourages creativity and critical thinking but also empowers team members to explore their passions within the context of the business.

2. Rethink technical training

People like the training but do not impose training on them. Re-think training opportunities by identifying topics: what does your team want to learn about, and what do they need to learn about? 

For instance, if the team recently encountered challenges with digital marketing project, training sessions could be tailored to cover advanced techniques in analyzing campaign performance metrics effectively. This approach ensures that training is not only relevant but also fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment among team members.

3. Publicly recognize their work

Inspiring your team with recognition also provides an important link to specific actions and their positive effects on an organization. Publicly recognizing employees is highly effective in inspiring teams as it yields extensive motivational benefits. Studies reveal that expressing gratitude significantly boosts employee morale. Furthermore, organizations fostering a culture rich in acknowledgment experience significantly lower voluntary turnover rates compared to those lacking such recognition practices. 

For instance, during a team meeting or through a company-wide email newsletter, you could highlight the exceptional effort and creativity of a team member who devised a particularly successful social media campaign. By acknowledging their innovative strategies and the positive results they achieved, not only does this individual feel valued and appreciated. 

By Ujjwal Poudel

Co-founder, Jobs Sniper Pvt. Ltd. 

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